Testing, Continuous Integration, and Distribution#

This section covers the testing, continuous integration, and distribution of software packages.

Lesson Title



Python Testing using pytest

  • How is a Python module tested?

  • Explain the overall structure of testing.

  • Explain the reasons why testing is important.

  • Understand how to write tests using the pytest framework.

Continuous Integration using GitHub Actions

  • How can we automate testing?

  • How do we link a repository on GitHub to continuous integration services?

  • Explain the concept and benefits of continuous integration.

  • Introduce the GitHub Marketplace as a one-stop shop for continuous integration services.

  • Demonstrate how to setup continuous integration using GitHub Actions.

  • Familiarize learners with YAML configuration files.

Distributing Packages

  • How can I get my project out there?

  • Discuss community strategies.