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Python for Data Analysis: Glossary

Key Points

Working with Numpy Arrays
  • NumPy arrays which are the same size use element-wise operations when added or subtracted

  • NumPy uses something called broadcasting for arrays which are not the same size to allow arrays to be added or multiplied.

  • NumPy has extensive documentation online - you should check this out if you need to do a computation.

Using pandas for data analysis
  • Pandas stores data in a structure called a dataframe

  • Pandas can read data that has lots of different data types.

  • You can easily get statistics from a dataframe by using methods like df.describe()

Using scipy for data fitting
  • Recasting your data to numpy arrays lets you utilize features like broadcasting, which can be helpful in evaluating functions.

  • If the initial fit model does not match the data well, use the bounds argument of fit_curve to guess a range of values for the fit parameters.